jeudi 4 mai 2006

Télécharger & imprimer mon cv

Télécharger & imprimer mon cv en format word / Cliquez ci-dessousVersion avec photo - 129 ko CVversion_webavec_photosstel.doc
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vendredi 10 mars 2006

クリストフ の めいし CV Parcours

Originally trained as a mechanic, Kristophe Noël «l crewed on the ship Marion Dufresne in 1998 for a year of military service in the Kerguelen Islands, in the southern Indian Ocean. He taught himself photography there, and decided to change careers when he got home to France. In 2000, he enrolled at the IRIS Center in Paris, studying photojournalism and studio photography.He then worked as a photographer assistant for the Hachette Filipacci group and as a portrait photographer for the Opale agency. In 2003, at age 27, he exhibited... [Lire la suite]
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